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BioGuard Plus 6™ is effective in controlling the growth of bacteria & other microorganisms that breed in all types of diesel fuel, biodiesel blends, and water which cause formation of slime, sludge and acids. It also contains 6 other components formulated to prevent ULSD & biodiesel related problems & significantly improve heavy-duty diesel engine performance. Typical applications include truck fleets, farms, home heat, marine, power generation, railroad and all other on-road or off-road diesel applications.

Microorganisms that grow in diesel fuel systems, such as bacteria, yeast and mold, are known as “bugs.”  “Bugs” live in virtually all diesel fuel systems. They live in the water found in all fuel systems and eat the fuel as a nutrient source. Because some water is present in virtually all diesel fuel systems, these systems are a good environment for biological growth. The most common places for “bugs” include the fuel/water interface near tank bottoms, on storage tank walls, and in sediment. Left unchecked, “bugs” will corrode fuel systems and create slime & sludge that plugs fuel filters & fuel lines. The result of contamination is increased maintenance costs and expensive down time. BioGuard Plus 6™ is the only EPA registered fuel biocide containing a multifunctional high performance diesel additive. BioGuard Plus 6™ contains BioGuard to prevent microbial contamination, fuel filter plugging and other bacteria caused problems. BioGuard Plus 6™ is also formulated with six additional components to help prevent ULSD & biodiesel related problems to significantly improve heavy-duty diesel engine performance.  BioGuard Plus 6™ contains Diesel Guard™ Supreme which is documented to keep injectors, combustion chambers & fuel filters cleaner.  It is also documented to improve fuel economy up to 7.6% in SAE Type II testing. BioGuard Plus 6™ also contains cetane, additional VT-101 lubricity improver, stabilizer, dispersant & corrosion inhibitor to help improve performance, reduce down time, lower maintenance costs & provide better operation of equipment. Having BioGuard™ with additional components in one package reduces the need to use multiple additives, helps you lower costs, and reduces inventory.


  •    Prevents bacteria (“bugs”), yeast, mold, and other microbiological growth.
  •    Cleans up & prevents fuel injector deposits including internal (IDID’s) and external tip deposits. (meets/exceeds DW-10 & XUD-9 clean up performance rating).
  •    Reduces piston & combustion chamber deposits.
  •    Documented to improve fuel economy up to 7.3% based on clean-up of fuel   system deposits.
  •    Stabilizes fuel to prevent sludge build-up and extend the shelf life up to 2 years or   more.
  •    Prevents fuel filter & line plugging.  Extends fuel filter life.
  •    Improves thermal stability beyond industry standards.
  •    Corrosion Guard™ inhibitor helps prevents rust & corrosion.
  •    Lubricates fuel injectors & pumps to prevent premature wear. Helps fuels meet OEM lubricity standards
  •    Disperses moisture to help prevent sludge, corrosion & extend fuel filter life.
  •    Increases cetane number, power & performance.
  •    Reduces harmful exhaust emissions, smoke, odor & transom soot.
  •    Treat Rates  1gallon:1500 gallons,          1 qt: 375 gallons,            1oz.:12 gallons