Fuel Polishing Services

  • Fuel Polishing

  • Fuel Testing

  • Test For Water In The Fuel.

  • Removal Of Water And Sludge.

  • Bring Your Fuel To ISO 4406 Codes.

  • Consulting And Design For Your Filtration Needs.

  • Identify Causes For Fuel Filter Plugging And Excess Smoking, Loss Of Power And Poor Injector Performance.

  • Free Fuel Analysis.

Fuel Maintenance Program

  • Replace Your Filters On Automated Systems.

  • Fuel Treatments and Anti-Gel For Your Fuel Tanks.

  • Fuel Sampling and Testing.

  • Check Emergency Vents.

  • Check Rupture Basins For Any Leaks.

  • Testing Automated Fuel Polishers.

  • Testing Fuel Alarms.

  • We Can Also Replace Your Engines Fuel Filters For You And Your Engines Oil And Oil Filters For You.

Generator Load Bank Test

We can also Load Bank your Generators after Fuel Polishing to make sure your Generators can handle its rated Kilowatt output. We are also EGSA certified.

  • Load Bank Testing with Reports.

  • Block Load Testing.

  • Progressive Load Test.

  • Cooling System Testing.

  • Eliminate Any Wet-Stacking That May Have Built Up.

  • Voltage,Hertz,Amps,KW and Engine Parameters.


Do you know what your fuel looks like?

  • Clogged & Slimy Filters
  • Dark, Hazy Fuel
  • Sludge Build Up
  • Loss of Power and RPM
  • Excessive Smoke
  • Corroded & Pitted Injectors
  • Foul Odor

Water Contamination

As the most damaging contaminat , water can not only affect fuel stability, it can cause damage to the fuel system.
- including sensitive fuel injectors - and also promotes microbial growth.

In-Organic Debris

Materials like sand,dust,rust, and  other particulate can cause 

serious damage to system components. This can lead to frequent (and costly) engine repair
costs, downtime, and loss of  revenue.

Organic Debris

As by-products of fuel breakdown and deterioration, sludge and slimy organic debris represents MORE THAN 90% of all of the contaminants found in fuel.

This debris is the most common form of material found clogging fuel filters and system